Saturday, November 24, 2012

Crime - bags

Bags for Crime, using elements of a design by Julia Pai.
Printed by Benni of Black Ink Press.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Crime - visuals

Crime is heading your way!

Sissters' Mika Risiko and Scream Club's Sarah Adorable have teamed up for a new project that involves keyboards and floor toms and from here on you should discover for yourself what it is they are making.

Crime is gearing up for a European trek with Dischord´s E.D. Sedgwick in November/December and this is a taste of what you are about to see onstage:

Each song is set to feature an individual video to be projected on Mika and Sarah accompanying the music. Aside from me, clips were directed by Tom Ehrhardt and Mika; they feature actress Pau Pappel, film maker Ester Martin Bergsmark, dancer Prince William Morris and many more.

"This Party Blows" received its premiere in the shorts section of the Berlin Porn Film Festival in October and will kick off the release of some more music videos based on the visuals of the show.

If you have time, we strongly advise you to go see the concert.
Tour kicks off on November 23 at Berlin's Marie Antoinette.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

REPETITITS - Berlin show

2nd strike of the Repetitits! This time we will have a group show in Berlin at Neonchocolate Gallery, featuring Repetitits members Antonio Sobral, Ruli Moretti, Rodrigo Ortega, Eric Markowski, PowerpaolaStefan FählerMaria Luque and Dacio Pinheiro.
Repetitits members Mariette Auvray as Water Sark and Samuel Trifol as Kikiilimikilii will perform live with a guest appearance of Dudu Tsuda, joining Water Sark for a jam session.

saturday, november 17th, 8 pm, running until november 29th
Lychener Straße 23, Berlin

Thanks to Berlin Art Link for listing our exhibition!

Monday, November 12, 2012

E.D. Sedgwick shirts

Shirt-design for E.D. Sedgwick, printed by Black Ink press.
Go get them at one of their shows of their european tour with Crime!